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Performance & Acting

Wizard of Oz-227 (2).jpg

Image by Olga Rosi - Wedding & Family Photographer

I constantly keep my eyes peeled for TV and live performance roles. My most recent role as Dorothy in a local theatre musical production of The Wizard of Oz reignited my buzz for the stage. 

I hope that people would want to feel the way I always feel when I leave the theatre: uplifted, happy and excited. What better than an all-signing, all-dancing family-friendly musical!


I only ever want to be recognised for my talent and efforts. I’ve always told myself that if I didn't get an adrenaline rush or if I wasn't nervous and buzzing before a performance, then I'd know it wasn't right for me. I get all of this and more from all of the creative and performance work I do.

otr (2).jpg

Image by Olga Rosi - Wedding & Family Photographer

Showreel as Kate from Locked Love by Lou Di Giorgio

Emotional Standard American Monologue

Locked Love Algarve
algarve filming

On the set of short movie: Locked Love directed by Lou Di Giorgio

Images by Smile is the Key Photography 

Character performance

"Outside voiceovers and acting, I'm writing, performing and collaborating in several Algarve film and singing projects..."

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